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XPERDYTE MANUFACTURING for Sage Evolution is a cost-effective solution for improved manufacturing resource planning. From material requirement planning to production scheduling, provides you with user-friendly tools to successfully manage your business.


The Bill of Materials and Costings module form the base for setting standards against which Works Orders are measured, thereby enabling accurate costings, effective efficiency and complete control.

Elements of costs:

  • Machine and overheads
  • Materials and components
  • Labour and set-up time
  • Outwork
  • Other production and product costs

True production costing in terms of:

  • Allocation of costs into fixed and variable costs
  • Compensation for yield losses
  • Powerful ‘what if’ costing scenario

Full quality control functionality

  • Setup QC test methods
  • Apply these methods to BOM’s

Multiple BOM’s per finished goods:

  • Create BOM’s for economic quantities ensuring
    optimum costs




Works Orders control the actual running and measurement of performance in production. Production feedback records the actual usage of Materials, Machine, setup and Labour Time, Outwork and any other costs incurred in production.

There are a number of costing methods available i.e. Standard Cost, Actual Cost or Set Cost. Production output allows for primary products, by-products and direct to general ledger accounts to be processed. Yield losses at parent products as well as raw materials can be measured against standards.

  • Product routing through works centres
  • Prioritise works orders
  • Compare actual performance against pre-determined standards
  • Allows barcode scanning for production feedback
  • Customisable works order status


XPERDYTE MANUFACTURING for Sage Evolution endorses and promotes the principles of Lean Manufacturing (the elimination of waste) which are entrenched in its architecture.

Effective methods for planning materials and resources allows for the smooth and uninterrupted operation of the production unit as a whole.


XPERDYTE MANUFACTURING for Sage Evolution Production Scheduling Module allows Works Orders to be scheduled at Work Centre level.


  • Touch screens can be used to view and enter feedback from the factory floor.
  • Graphical representation of scheduling is effortless.
  • Users can drill down to the machine and operators performing the works order with start and stop times.


A Material Requirement Planning (MRP) system is intended to simultaneously meet three objectives:

  • To ensure that materials are available for production and products are available for customers.
  • Maintain the lowest possible material and production levels in store.
  • Plan manufacturing activities, delivery schedules and purchasing activities.


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