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Kiteview Technologies (Pty) Ltd was founded in May 2010 to provide the Sage Evolution Business Management solution to the SME market. The management team of Kiteview have combined +30 years of experience in the delivery of small to mid-market Financial & Business Management solutions. This experience, combined with a sound project implementation methodology has helped in Kiteview’s growth, becoming a Super Platinum status Sage Evolution partner for SAGE Pastel within just 1 year.

Our objective is to deliver business improvement to our customer by looking for innovative ways to increase productivity and reduce costs, while balancing project expense and benefit, to show above average return-on-investments.

We call our core values the Kiteview DNA.   It is part of our DNA to provide service of the highest calibre: by consistently innovating and improving, by being responsive to your needs and expectations, by working together with mutual respect and as a Sage Evolution Partner for the long haul.


Sage Evolution Partner


Relationships are our main focus at Kiteview. We place a major focus on building relationships as relationships build loyalty and loyalty keeps us all connected to one another.

Sage Evolution Partner focus


Clear understanding, clear vision, we understand what is needed and what it will take to achieve it! To differentiate clearly between the balance of work and personal!

Do What It Takes


We are never too proud, we conduct ourselves with humility, ethics and integrity at all times…..if admitting fault is part of that then that is what it takes! We move forward!

Sage Evolution Partner


We share and work through issues together, supporting one another and our customers as effectively as possible.


Stick Together


We stick together, we grow together, strength in numbers, we share, we care, and we grow!


Think Ahead


Absorb information, and see how it benefits ourselves and our customers, always looking to improve.


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