Sage Evolution Debtors Manager

Implement management tracking and control in your debtors collection department

Get serious about getting paid. With Sage Evolution Debtors Manager there are no more excuses.

The Sage Evolution Debtors Manager module has been designed to instantly implement management tracking and control in your debtors’ collection department. It will provide you with reports to monitor collection progress, staff performance and accurately forecast cash flow. With ready to run debtors management reports for every outstanding invoice, you will determine:

  • Why it is outstanding.
  • When it will be paid.
  • What has been done.
  • What still needs to be done.
All reasons and necessary actions are recorded in one central place, so each collector no longer needs to print or export information and keep their own private notes. Complete transparency will allow you to optimize your collection process by managing your debtors behaviour. Negotiate with hard facts and quickly bring non-payments in line with your target ranges.

How Does It Work?

1. From the age analysis, select a debtor or an aged amount and record why the amount is outstanding, what actions must be taken and the promise to pay date.

2. The information recorded will be pulled through into ready to run reports that include:

  • Instant cash flow reports that are up to date and accurate.
  • Instant reconciliations of outstanding invoices.
  • Actual days outstanding per invoice.
  • Full payment history listed per invoice per debtor.
  • Details of all calls made to debtors, and promises made.
  • Daily call back reports and action lists for follow-up.
  • Age analysis movement report which tracks movement in balances per debtor, by aging category.
Sage Evolution Debtors Manager

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