Sage Evolution Job Costing Module

Businesses that need to allocate time and materials to clients such as engineering works, motor vehicle service and repair workshops and equipment repair and servicing workshops are ideally suited to make use of the Job Costing module.

The Sage Evolution Job Costing module seamlessly integrates with all the Sage Evolution modules and financials and allows you to invoice jobs to customers. A job card is more powerful than an invoice, because you can link many item types besides inventory items in a job. For example, you can purchase an item directly for use in a job, and allocate employee hours. You can also invoice a job on a partial basis.

You will be able to prepare job quotes and track labour, materials, purchases, sub-contracting and projects in real time and monitor budgets vs. actual values by entering the information via a simple screen interface.


The screen below details the various transactions captured against a job card. A single simple interface allows you to view all transactions on a job card

How It Works
% Of Completed
This is the most common method – the system posts GL entries as it does in normal invoicing. As you invoice the customer, the system posts sales, cost of sales, and inventory entries into the General Ledger.
Completed Contract This will occur whether you invoice partially or fully.
The system posts General Ledger sales values whenever you invoice, including partial invoicing.
However, the system will not update the cost of sales or inventory values until the job is complete. These latter values will update in full when the job has been completed.


The Job costing module will allow you to do the following:


  • Produce detailed job quotations.
  • Make direct purchases and capture supplier invoice details directly against jobs.
  • Issue materials and resource entries easily.
  • Allows for partial job invoicing – fixed or percentage invoicing.
  • Update work in progress values and quantities per job card.
  • Create inventory items from job cards.
  • Comprehensive standard reporting includes; Profit & Loss, work in progress and comparative pricing reporting.


The screen below illustrates one of many reports that can be produced from the Job Costing module.

Job Cards seamlessly integrate with the CRM module within Sage Evolution. Here all related incidents to the job card are recorded and comments logged. This gives the company complete control on administering and monitoring the job which results in a more efficient service level to customers.


The screen below illustrates the CRM activities that are associated with a job card.

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