Sage Evolution Branch Accounting

Sage Evolution Branch Accounting Let’s You Reduce complexity and increase productivity 

Sage Evolution Branch Accounting
Organisations that have branches in multiple locations may encounter difficulties in optimizing operational efficiency and control within their various branches. The accounting departments of these organisations understand the difficulty in maintaining correct and up to date financial information for the different branches.


Branch Accounting is a new bi-directional synchronization tool that delivers all of the benefits of working locally at branch level, and also ensures that all the financial information is automatically synchronized to the head office. The Sage Evolution Branch Accounting solution reduces complexity while improving productivity.

The Sage Evolution Branch Accounting Solution offers you the following key features and benefits:



  • Caters for Centralised or Decentralised Accounting for optimal productivity and accuracy.
  • Uses a powerful synchronisation tool which controls the transfer of data within the branch accounting environment with effective time and alert management options.
  • The synchronisation process utilises a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) to transfer the data. This allows for full access and control over data movements and history.
  • The transfer of data is secured by key identifiers. Each branch has a unique identifier attached to each master file, user and transaction created and processed at that branch, eliminating duplication.
  • Caters for a multi-entity environment.
  • Caters for a transacting head office environment.
  • Caters for a multi-national and three tier environment.
Sage Evolution Branch Accounting

  • Caters for Standard General Ledger and Segmented General Ledger structures.
  • Inventory items are automatically created as warehouse items.
  • Prefix your document numbering structures per branch.
  • Create branch specific transaction types to accommodate branch specific processing requirements.
  • Create branch specific master files for branch specific requirements.
  • Create global records which are consistent throughout the branch accounting environment.

• View branch specific transaction records on behalf of the branch at head office level at any time.
• Utilise Inter-Branch Transfers to transfer stock and Loan Accounts to manage financials within your branch accounting environment.

Branch Accounting


  • Produce consolidated reports at head office.
  • Produce branch-specific reports at branch and head office level.
  • Customize reports using the Business Intelligence Centre (BIC) to accommodate your business structure for optimal reporting purposes.
Branch Accounting


  • Minimizes the risk of losing data due to natural or other disasters.
  • Ongoing ability to transact in the event of loss of connectivity in an offline environment.
  • Provides for a detailed Audit Trail with unique branch specific numbering to monitor user activity and transactional history.
  • The key identifiers attached to records determine which information is shared across the branch accounting environment, restricting branches to access global and branch specific records.

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